Wallace Chan’s Cicadas

Wallace Chan is a master who derives inspiration from the natural world. In light of my recent jade post, the featured image above is a breathtaking example of how lovely the gemstone is. Cicadas make an intricate and symbolic subject. See my cicada vase post! Please enjoy this variety of Chan’s cicada brooches.






All photos courtesy of Wallace Chan.

Jadeite Jade

My appreciation for jadeite jade has bloomed in the last year. As my palate refines, I find their rich color and glassy appearance more and more desirable. When I think about the fact that this gemstone is pulled from the ground this way, velvety and rich green, my pulse picks up! Not to be confused with mass-produced, highly-treated jade, top quality jadeite can fetch $20,000 per carat, more than some high quality ruby and sapphires.

A culturally significant stone that has been cherished for thousands of years, jadeite jade offers the wearer a luminescent pop of color with an understated elegance. Jadeite has magical and spiritual properties according to some in Chinese culture and has even been ground and taken medicinally. It is durable, vibrant and comes in a variety of colors. Aside from jadeite, another silicate, nephrite, is also classified as jade and is often mottled green and white and often used for hard stone carving. Jade has also been used to make ax-heads, knives and other weapons because of its ability to be finely carved.

Jadeite Jade Bangle
jadeite jade bangle
Jadeite Jade ring
jadeite jade ring
Hutton Jadeite
Barbara Hutton Cartier jadeite necklace with ruby clasp
Photo courtesy of Mason-Kay
Photo courtesy of Mason-Kay
Jadeite Jade Buttons
jadeite jade buttons

Hand-made, antique Chinese jadeite buttons of high-quality green jadeite. Probable origin: Burma (the Union of Myanmar today). Photo courtesy of Gregory Phillips. (above)

Jadeite jade rough
jadeite jade rough