LITO Brooch

Photo courtesy of Crest & Co.
Photo courtesy of Crest & Co.

I love the shape and pose of  LITO’s Enoplotrupes Sharpi Brooch in 18kt rose gold. Beautiful Greek craftsmanship highlights the ancient beetle motif with a modern edged design. The delicate and precise line of diamonds adds brightness. It would be lovely positioned up near the shoulder or even pinned onto a grosgrain or velvet ribbon to be worn as a belt or headband.

The Jewelry of Emily Miranda

Inspired by nature and whimsically executed, Emily Miranda’s jewelry is show-stopping. She was working as a creative cake-maker when she transitioned into jewelry. (Many designers have other areas of expertise, creative and not, that led them to jewelry through unconventional paths.) From baking custom creative cakes to icing the ears and wrists and necks of women, Emily’s work is  an INSPIRATION to me.


folded-ring tangled-earrings tangled-brooch barnacle-cuff  seaweed-bib6 encrusted

All photos courtesy of Emily Miranda.