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Mary Jane humbly aspires to be a well-informed jack-of-all-trades. She studied Literature at university, did an apprenticeship tuning and rebuilding pianos,  currently works in high-end jewelry, and is writing and editing her first novel. She strives to create beautiful things whether in visual arts, jewelry-making, writing, cooking, building, or fashion. Mary Jane has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of all kinds and is in awe of the incredible creativity all around her.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Jane-girl, I love your blog. I really enjoyed the pictures and stories.
    I, too, find cicadas wondrous. We have all kinds of questions at the Plant Doctor Desk about cicadas and the damage they do to our trees. I have collected several examples of the their egg-laying damage to branches of trees. I find it fascinating. I’ll tell you all about their ovipositors someday. You have piqued my interest and can’t wait for your next blog. Speaking of fascinating , I think my niece is pretty special!!!!

  2. Have always enjoyed your creations and can’t wait to see or hear what’s next. Never stop creating, woman. You are beautiful and do beautiful work. I’m in awe of you. Take dat.

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