Outdoor Sculpture by Andy Van Der Tuin

bubble sculpture
sculpture by Andy Van Der Tuin

This incredible outdoor installation was made by Andy Van Der Tuin.  So simply composed of materials you could buy at a hardware store and so interesting to look at. The spheres wrapped in plastic wrap look like oily bubbles floating over the stone wall. There are so many ways to re-imagine everyday materials. To me, this is creativity at its finest: taking the ordinary and transforming it through artistic vision.

To me, this is creativity at its finest: taking the ordinary and transforming it through artistic vision.

And why did this piece strike my fancy? Among many other reasons, because of the simple fact that this artist had a concept and then executed it. I have had trouble with that: execution. I, like so many people who think creatively, have a lot of ideas but often abandon them at infancy so that they remain mere thoughts, gathering dust

Every day I am trying to take those little steps towards personal expression. Great artists, writers, scholars, craftsmen, and philanthropists do not become who they are in a flash of light. These people had ideas and then took the necessary steps, no matter how small at first, to implement them.

Handmade Cicada Vase

I thought it fitting that my first blog post be about one of my very first projects in metal.

This piece came of an assignment in a class is took on basic jewelry making and metalsmithing. Our task was to create a vessel and because I love cutting flowers from my garden and from along the road, I decided to make a vase. I have an affection for cicadas as well, so I had to figure out a way to incorporate them in as well. I was a little over-zealous with my original idea, a vase made entirely of sterling silver (the medium). The skill, patience and knowledge that it would take to create a water-tight vessel from metal was still out of my reach. Like any creative endeavor, it required rethinking and retooling in order to make it happen. I am so happy I didn’t scrap the whole idea because I couldn’t execute my first plan. Here are some sketches and mock-ups of my ideas as they evolved.

cicada vase sketch
sketches and mock-ups from my cicada vase project

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