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Photocourtesy of Charles Merguerien.
Photocourtesy of Charles Merguerien.

Art? A primitive map showing a mountain range? High-precision laser inscribing? Nope! Just one of the many natural beauty marks of rough diamonds. These close-ups are as beautiful as the pictures in my “Opals in October” post. I would fill my walls with large-scale reproductions of these, they are so fabulous!


Trigons are triangular growth patterns that appear on diamond rough. Oriented in the opposite direction of the gemstone’s octahedral face, these marks were etched into the diamonds as they formed by extremely hot fluids, far below the earth’s surface.


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The Bezel Setting

I was working with an engagement client the other day and as we discussed bezel-set diamonds, I was inspired to post on the subject.

The bezel setting is a protective rim or border of metal that encases the entirety of the gemstone. There is usually a groove in which the outer edge of the gemstone is seated and then a lip of metal that is then pushed down, or burnished, carefully over top of that edge, holding the gemstone in place. This was the first method of gemstone setting. Bezels can be thick or thin, smooth or textured, with a modern or ancient design. Either way, it is a beautiful and exceptionally safe way to wear your favorite jewel (even soft or brittle ones like emerald and opal).  I hope you enjoy this selection of gorgeous bezel-set pieces!

Diagram of bezel setting.
Diagram of bezel setting.


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